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frequently asked questions…

☆ Which locations do you cover

I travel throughout the whole of Cambridgeshire and predominantly cover Ely, Cambridge and surrounding areas

☆ Is there a minimum number of makeup services to to book you?

Yes each Bridal Package will inform you of the minimum number of party members required to book my services

☆ What is the booking deposit required to book your services?

booking deposit of £75 is payable at the time of booking, this secures your date with myself. These are non refundable and cover the costs of administrating the booking and securing the date

☆ What is the maximum amount of people for a bridal booking?

This depends a lot on your ceremony & venue access time, however in most cases its a bride plus 4 party members for afternoon ceremonies

☆ Do you work with other Makeup Artists for large bookings?

Yes absolutely I love to work with other Makeup Artists on large bookings. If a second Makeup Artist is required there will  be a further £50 fee  required to secure their services

☆ Can I reduce my booking once I have secured you?

Unfortunately not, your date has been secured for the size of your bridal party at the time of booking and this cannot be altered once you have paid your booking deposit

☆ Can I change my wedding date once I have secured you?

Yes you can however you will need to refer to your payment terms depending on how much notice you provide and there will be an additional £50 administration charge to administer the change plus if you are changing the year of your booking there may be an increase in the package cost to cover

☆ Do I have to book a makeup trial?

The Bride makeup trial is already included in the package you choose you do not need to add this separately

☆ Can my bridal party book a bridal trial?

Yes of course, these are bookable separately to your bridal booking and cost £55 per person. If you are requesting bridesmaid’s trials, these may not be able to be booked on the same day as a brides trial due to the time involved.

☆ When are trials arranged?

Once your booking has been confirmed, depending on the time of year you are getting married you will be sent a booking link to book your trial. Trials are normally arranged for Early Spring or late Autumn unfortunately no trials can take place during the busy summer bridal season. Trials are held Monday to Thursday and there is an evening appointment option available however it is advisable that the day off is booked so that the makeup can be applied in the morning so that you have longer to see how the makeup feels and looks on your skin.

☆ What happens if I need to rearrange my trial?

Your are welcome to rearrange your trial to another suitable date or time, however if less than 48 hours is provided you will be required to pay for the trial appointment in full and once this is done you will be able to select another date

☆ Are there any travel charges?

Depending on the package you choose you will receive travel mileage and then after that travel will be charged at 45p per mile. If more than one makeup location is required there will be an additional £25 charge plus fuel charge to cover the costs of setting up and down. If there is a charge to park at the wedding venue/bridal location these charges must be covered by the bride 


my top tips for your wedding day…

… drink lots of waternk lots of 

its true the more water we drink the healthier our skin will look! aim for 2-3 litres a day to get your skin glowing on your wedding day. If your skin is hydrated the makeup will apply and look more flawless

…eat the rainbow

eating the rainbow generally means you will achieve a healthy balanced diet and our skin absolutely loves this, aim for a variety of fruit, vegetables and fish or vegan alternatives and try and keep sugar, gluten and dairy to a minimum 


do not underestimate the power of a great skincare routine! Make sure you are doing the basics of daily cleansing, toning & moisturising but its also important to use age appropriate additional products to really get the best out of your skin – let me help you with this 

…self care Sunday

take time out to focus on you! planning a wedding is very enjoyable but it can also be consuming and stressful at times. Take an hour or two out of your week to concentrate on yourself and unwind your mind and skin will love it, a relaxing bath, spa treatment, long walk  can really help to recharge yourself.

…bronze & glow

If you are considering having a spray tan on your wedding day it would be advisable to have a trial for that a couple of days before your makeup trial so that you can see what your final look will be like.