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Skin Treatments

As a Makeup Artist its essential to have good knowledge of the skin, I’m fully qualified in skincare and anatomy and firmly believe that its so important to look after your skin and use appropriate products that are matched to a persons skin type in order to get the best results with the makeup. In addition having a regular facial can help to reduce targeted areas such as redness, acne…. but will also benefit skin renewal to detoxify & rejuvenate your skin so I also offer these as part of my services and bridal packages.

The skin treatments I offer are designed to improve your skin texture and help you to achieve your best skin confidence. I use a variety of techniques & have a natural skincare range as well as a professional range. Treatments can be booked individually or as a block tailored skincare plan

Tropic Skin Treatments

Mini Skin Boost facial – £23

This ultra nourishing facial is suitable for sensitive skins and will gently buff away dead skin and hydrate the face (Includes hot cloth cleanse, gentle exfoliation, hydrating mask, tone, serum & moisturise) 

Clear & Balance facial – £28

A deep cleaning facial to target problematic skins it uses blemish fighting products to help declog & refine pores and also soothe & balance the face.  Includes hot cloth cleanse, very light exfoliation, Clear Skin mask, tone, tailored serum with Jade Roller facial massage, moisturiser

Brighten & Renew facial – £28

 A zingy anti-ageing brightening and firming facial using advanced vitamin C to help plump and renew the face, tightening fine lines & promoting a more youthful complexion. Includes hot cloth cleanse, zingy exfoliation, Face Lift mask, tailored serum with Jade Roller Facial massage, moisturiser

Further information on Tropic Skincare can be found on my Eshop

Casmara Skin Treatments


24k Gold Anti-ageing Facial – £35 

Nourish, tone & revive skin with this 24k Gold Anti-Ageing Facial packed with vitamins & minerals. Suitable for skins showing early signs of ageing. Skin will feel immediately softer and more glowing. Includes a double hot cloth cleanse, firming age complex serum, application of jelly mask with Ice Globe Facial, Clarifying treatment & luxury revitalising serums & Moisturiser. (A daily SPF50 must be worn after treatment )

Renovating ‘Botox Effect’ Facial – £45

This ‘Botox effect’ facial will help to smooth wrinkles & prevent their appearance. Skin will feel instantly renewed & smooth. Suitable for most skin types, especially skin with visible wrinkles. A course of facials is recommended and professional products can be purchased to use in between treatments as a 28 day treatment plan. Includes a hot cloth cleanse, Peeling Tri-Active Cleanse, six step RGnerin application using ARGIRELINE (A harmless alternative to botulinum toxin) which includes Algae Jelly Peel-off mask and Ice Globe massage. (A daily SPF50 must be worn after treatment )

New Treatment Coming soon –

Eye Perfection Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – £45

This six step  powerful Anti-Ageing Treatment specifically targets wrinkles around the eyes and between the eyebrows, darks circles and flaccidity in the eyelid area. Suitable for over 30s, this treatment helps to delay and prevent the appearance of the aforementioned signs. Includes Pressotherapy  Eye Perfection massage glasses to help to reduce the signs of fatigue and stress around the eyes, as well as providing an intense feeling of relaxation. You can enjoy some moments of intense relaxation and a pleasing sensory experience, thanks to the air-compression massage, thermal massage, vibration massage and relaxing music.

The above above two treatments are using Professional Brand Casmara, further information can be found here and products can be purchased via myself

Rejuvenating Natural Lift Facial – £35


Holistic aromatherapy blends will relax and soothe whilst ancient Indian, Chinese & Japanese reflexology & massaging techniques will free tension & tone & lift the face. Includes a double hot cloth cleanse, face mask & ice globe massage. For best results a course of treatments is recommended 

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