Beauty is about enhancing what you have, let yourself shine through

Brows & Lashes

Defined Brows – £25

Brow Mapping

Brow tinting

Upper & lower brow wax

Upper brow threading

Tweezer & Scissor work

Application of brow makeup

Who is it for?

Age 16+

Brows requiring new shape & definition


Beautiful brows which frame the face and which are completely tailored to suit every individuals face shape. Results last 4-6 weeks  

Brow Lamination – £35

Brow are brushed upwards

Lifting & Fixing solutions are applied

Brow tint applied

Upper and lower brow wax

 Who is it for?

Age 16+

Brows needing definition and upwards styling 


Beautifully styled brows that can be brushed upwards or downwards. Results last up to 8 weeks and a 4 weekly top up tint can be booked

Lash lifting -£35

Lashes are lifted onto curling pads

Lifting and fixing solutions applied

Lashes are tinted 

Nourishing solution is applied

Who is it for?

Age 16+

clients looking for a natural lift to their lashes

Results are natural open eyed look similar to wearing natural false lashes, 7-8 weekly treatment and a 4 weekly top up tint can be booked