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As a Makeup Artist its essential to have a good knowledge of the skin & face, I’m fully qualified in skincare and the anatomy and firmly believe that its so important to look after your skin and use appropriate products that are matched appropriately to a persons skin type in order to get the best results with the makeup. In addition having a regular facial can help to reduce targeted areas such as redness, acne…. but will also benefit skin renewal to detoxify & rejuvenate your skin so i also offer these as part of my services and bridal packages.

when I set my business up in 2014 I also decided to introduce Tropic Skincare with my treatments as their products are not only gorgeous they are free from parabens, harsh preservatives and toxic chemicals so they provide 100% green beauty nourishment, I became a Tropic Skincare Ambassador & use Tropic products in the below facials and as such can offer a full Vegan and cruelty free product range

Further information on Tropic Skincare can be found on my Eshop

Mini Skin Boost facial – £23

This ultra nourishing facial is suitable for sensitive skins and will gently buff away dead skin and hydrate the face (Includes hot cloth cleanse, gentle exfoliation, tone , serum & moisturise) 

Clear & Balance facial – £28

A deep cleaning facial to target problematic skins it uses blemish fighting products to help declog & refine pores and also soothe & balance the face

Brighten & Renew facial – £28

 A zingy anti-ageing brightening and firming facial using advanced vitamin C to help plump and renew the face, tightening fine lines & promoting a more youthful complexion

The above 2 facials include hot cloth cleanse, exfoliation, mask, tailored serum,  light massage, Jade Roller and head massage

Rejuvenating Natural Lift Facial – £35

Holistic aromatherapy blends will relax and soothe whilst ancient Indian, Chinese & Japanese reflexology & massaging techniques will free tension & tone & lift the face. Includes a double hot cloth cleanse, face mask & ice globe massage. For best results a course of 6 is recommended then regular maintenance treatments after that 

24k Gold Glow Facial – £35 (coming soon)

A resurfacing facial that benefits skin that is showing signs of ageing, it uses an all over jelly face mask that contains 24k gold dust, minerals & seaweed extract to nourish & revitalise the face. Skin will feel immediately tightened & firmer with a luminous healthy glow. Includes a double hot cloth cleanse, applications of serums and Ice Globe massage

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