Welcome to my first blog about False Eyelashes!!

It was difficult to choose what to blog about for my first one as there are so many beauty topics I could write about, however wedding season is here and with that comes a lot of makeup application for brides, bridesmaids, mums and wedding guests and one thing that people always say to me is “I’d love to wear false lashes but I don’t know where to start with applying them” So I’ve decided to share my top tips with you so that your lashes look beautifully applied every single time and especially for that special occasion your attending

So to start off with you need to make sure you have the correct tools for the job, so you’ll need a pair of beauty scissors, some good quality eyelash glue (I use Ardell or Duo Glue) and of course a fabulous pair of false lashes. Some of my favourite lashes are;

Ardell Wispies & Demi Wispies – I use these all the time on my bridal clients

Tatti lashes – these are a cult favourite amongst celebrities and are perfect for fuller looks

So once you have everything prepared your then ready to go ahead and do your makeup and apply the lashes

In terms of order of how you do things, it’s really personal preference and also taking into consideration the makeup look you are trying to achieve. I always apply my makeup first, including full eye makeup and then apply the lashes, however, some people and other Makeup Artists would apply the eye makeup first, then lashes then the rest of the face makeup. Like with most things and makeup, find the makeup routine you feel comfortable with

So to make things easier for you I’ve found a really simple step by step guide from www.indianvanitycase.com which I’m going to share with you below;

Step 1: Apply your normal eye makeup, including a layer of black mascara and make sure you also use a black liquid or gel liner to line your top lash line. This will add definition to the eye for when you apply your lashes

Step 2: It’s important to curl your natural lashes, this is so your natural lashes bond well with the false lashes and you don’t experience any lash fall which can be seen below the false lashes.

Step 3: The false lash strip can be quite stiff, so before applying I curl the lash around my little finger so that the false lash is softer and easier to apply.  I then measure the lash to my natural lash and trim any extra false lash that is not required. Always trim the lash from the outer edge, never the inner edge.

Step 4&5: Start by applying the glue at both ends of the false lash strip and then fill in the rest of the lash band with a thin line of glue.  Wait 30 seconds, I tend to wave the lash band slowly through the air whilst holding it with a pair of tweezers, this is because you need the lashes to be tacky but not wet!

Step 6: Now it’s time to apply the lashes! Do so by holding them with your tweezers in the middle of the lash and then pointing the band downward, carefully place the lashes onto the center of your natural lash line first.

Step 7: then with your tweezers attach both ends of the false lash strip to the inner and outer lash line.

Step 8: Check that the inner end of the false lash aligns with the starting point of your natural lashes. If it looks too long, pull from outer end. This can be easily done when the glue is still tacky and reposition the lash correctly.

Step 9&10: Then when you are happy with the position of the lash, use your tweezers to securely attach the false lash to your natural lashes.

Step 11: I then use my tweezers to pinch along the whole lash line to make sure that my natural lashes are attached all along the false lash

Step 12: If you can still see some of the glue when it has dried then use a black liner, gel liner or kohl liner works well, to cover up any light glue spots.

Step 13: Apply a final coat of black mascara to blend the false and real lashes together.